We lead with GIVING at WWVI. When you have the gift to lead, always start with giving. 
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October 20-26, 2019
During our stay, we will discover whats working in our lives and businesses and what isn't. Our daily mastermind groups will provide the support of ideas to make personal changes if needed. 
We are not psychiatrists. 
We are Superwomen who share similar experiences and love to support our tribe.
There will be a series of daily exercises to help us get outside of our comfort zone, bring new creative energy and grow. We will explore Koh Samui, the night markets, temples, waterfalls and the elephant sanctuary. 
We will enjoy the best Thai cuisine and experience the local culture. This is exactly what you need to renew your spirit and your mind.
Its Thailand! Every morning we will do Yoga and meditation together. We will take nature walks and have the opportunity to get a Thai massage. 
A retreat for your mind, body and spirit. 
Join us this year. 
About Tam Luc
As a energetic young International flight attendant, Tam explored the world and determined that she would do something that related to travel and service her whole life.
After later going into real estate, starting her several side businesses, and investments she made some unexpected detours that led to losing her house, financial ruin, defeat, divorce, homelessness, losing her car, almost losing her son, depression, then light, rejuvenation, hope, love, marriage, travel and now service.
Now, she is giving her heart doing what she loves for women that are working hard to find their way.

Check out her newest book "A Woman's Side Hustle... How to turn your passion into profit...Your resources into residual." 
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We all need to support each other and at WWVI, we provide you the tools to succeed grow into the superwomen are meant to become.  
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Giving Back
Single parent families need child care so they can work and go to school to make a better life for themselves and their children. Having a safe clean place for their children to grow, learn and develop is their number one concern. Unfortunately, far too many families do not have access to high-quality care and cannot afford it due to their limited annual income. 

Child care is the single biggest monthly expense for most single-parent families, leaving them with little to no resources for basics necessities at the end of the month. Your donation helps us make sure that every child is safe.
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....she helped me with my creative process!
...now she is getting me to make my business happen.
-Anne Marie, Amazon Best Seller Author. 
I would definitely recommend Tam's coaching to others. She really helped me get past a difficult time in my life.
..Wherever you are at in your journey, Tam will guide you through the process.
I have helped hundreds of women transform happened BECAUSE I helped them get clear on their vision and talent.  
 Video Testimonials 
"...freakin AMAZING!!!! Wow! Very professional.
Lenka Wallace
"...her guidance of keeping me true to my intention... was incredibly helpful."
" ...full of self exploration, discovery and growth!"-Lupe
Join The Women With Vision International Movement
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