"Uplevel Your Sh.. And Disrupt The BS"

Written by Tam Luc on October 14, 2019
How many of you want to be a conscious company? Not only helping people but also having a real social impact on diversity, equity and inclusion? I was so excited to sit down with Brigette Iarrusso who helps not only solopreneurs launch their service business but also disrupt the traditional way of doing business. By, as she says  "disrupting bullshit mindsets and stories that keep them stuck and keep them from going all in on their business and their vision."

Brigette, who defines herself as half latina and Italian American, grew up in a family where she saw two sides of the American dream and the American experience. She witnessed the outcomes of marginalization, large families with less access to resources and the systemic injustices that people of color typically are subjected to, like incarceration of young men for petty crimes or women being the victims of trauma and domestic violence. And then themselves being incarcerated because they never got the support. So she always felt that she needed to be a voice, to bridge the divide and to go out in search of ways to meaningfully contribute to helping marginalized communities.

She saw those issues which are racial inequity, social injustice, lack of access for marginalized communities and systemic racism. And being confronted with the conversations of what that looks like. She goes on to say, "and while I can't change policy at the moment, because of the lack of economic power to influence change, I'm always thinking about, how I can be modeling my own business with integrity." 

Show Notes:

  • 06:33 Do you think it's possible to ever have justice or equality?
  • 10:10 ...people of color, women and marginalized groups need access to capital to be able to leverage and have to be in a position to leverage that capital for the right things. 
  • 15:18 Why do I get to be so abundant? Why do I get to have this joy? Right? And so part of it again is disrupting that mindset that we are leaving behind our families, leaving behind our communities or we are just basically, I don't know, like we're not any longer able to really relate to them or connect with them
  • ​22:38 If we're on a mission to help everyone and not help ourselves, we help no one. 
  • 26:37 I'm not trying to live my life. Stressed that F out. Yeah. We have to learn not to. You have a limit.
  • 27:37 I want to talk about the economics of this and the business behind this. So we create a story. For example, as a woman, it's cheaper for me to clean my own house and cheaper me to care for my own mother. When you break it down, the economic cost for you to be stressed out, start getting depressed, start becoming overweight, or having a health condition that then impacts your family, your community, others around you. The social costs, the economic cost, and the sum total impact of you not investing in health is bigger than the investment. And again, this correlates with business. So we tell ourselves a story in the beginning. 
  • 28:13  So my message to people in their businesses, like what are your three things that you're passionate about that are in your zone of genius, right? That's what you have to do because you love it. And then what are the two things or the three things that a business leader has to do to grow a business? In the beginning stages, you've gotta be the thought leader in the speaker. You've got to be the brand, right? 
  • ​32:36 So my business design is challenging because I have to figure out how to be profitable and scalable while being sustainable in the life style that I want with my family.
  • 33:43  how do I have maximum impact? Show up for my clients with integrity, get results for them, get results for myself and not be a crazy woman. 
  • 38:32 the lack of joy and pleasure and celebration and not doing things that are fun is what is not going to let you get to the next level. Because scarcity and deprivation and being miserable and unhappy and working hard for nothing doesn't get us there. 
Here is her free gift to you, " 8 Bold Steps to Scale With Impact and Integrity."

This was a great podcast and I would love your input.

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